Without respecting social distancing: various Premier League players on holiday in Ibiza

According to the ‘Daily Mail, various Premier League players have been seen partying in Ibiza in the last few days without complying with the social distancing rules.

The British newspaper identified Dele Alli from Tottenham, James Maddison of Leicester, and the Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish. The three were seen in a party on the beach with friends without respecting the safety distance.

But that’s not all. Ex-PSG player Ezequiel Lavezzi uploaded a photo to his official Instagram account in which he could be seen in Ibiza alongside various Premier League players.

Namely, the ex-Argentine player appears alongside Eric Dier, Eric Lamela, and Giovanni Lo Celso, who all play for Tottenham, as well as Watford player Maxi Pereyra.

All of them will have to, according to the British government’s restrictions, be quarantined for 14 days when they return to England directly from Spain.

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