Will eyeshadow replace lipstick in post Covid-19 world? – fashion and trends

Lipstick sales have seen an uptick during economic slowdowns, and history is proof. But, will this theory hold true post Covid-19? Or will eye makeup take over, given face masks would be the new normal hereafter.

Stylist Isha Bhansali feels there will definitely be more focus on eye makeup. “The lips can adopt a nude, blush palette. Digital appearances will be the need of the hour, for which you don’t need masks. You can’t totally rule out lip makeup,”she says.

Beauty expert and influencer Jason Arland believes people are going to spend more on skincare and beauty post Covid-19. “The growing rise of makeup tutorials during the lockdown has pushed many people to buy beauty products online. And it will only increase post the pandemic as people would want to take care of their skin,” he adds.

Designer Anvita Sharma opines, “The lipstick theory will come true, and both men and women will spend more on makeup. Eye makeup will surely gain more prominence as everyone will be covering their face with masks in the post-pandemic era.”

“I believe after the initial panic of the Covid virus- people will adapt to the new normal lifestyle. To look dressed up and well-groomed even if maintaining the standards of social distancing. This means women will dress up and put on their makeup as its a mood enhancer and feel better about the day to day. Everybody will try whatever will help them to feel more joyful- from music to makeup,” says designer Suneet Varma.

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