Which Animal Crossing villager are you trying to ditch?

I won’t tell if you won’t!

Maybe you have one villager in mind. Maybe you’re secretly plotting against your whole island community in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Either way, I’m curious! Who do you have it in for?

The more I fall into a daily routine, the less patience I have for my particular band of weightlifting weirdos. There are way too many jocks running around, and much like a pitch-black loading screen that reveals an unfortunate reflection gazing back in the screen, these villagers are blowing up my sense of easygoing escapism. They’re reminding me that I’m not exercising enough – or, uh, at all – from home.

It’s not so much that I have my perfect replacement villagers in mind and a crazy scheme hatched up to woo them. (Well, okay, Ankha is on my dream team.) It’s more that I want to cycle in new personalities.

If I could ditch one villager, though, I’d pick the poster boy – the guy who was right there from the beginning. The only animal on my island that genuinely annoys me for no real reason. (What is this game, and how does it make us form grudges against the most well-meaning of neighbors?)

Lyman, it’s you.

You’ve seen too much, and you gotta go.

Don’t drag this out any longer.

I’ll use Nook’s professional cleaning services if I have to.

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