When is the 2020 summer transfer window? Key dates for Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting all facets of life around the world, soccer’s biggest leagues and federations were among the many organizations forced to alter the way business is done.

As leagues were shut down as part of a larger strategy to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, traditional transfer windows had to be adjusted with fixtures being extended deep into the usually dormant summer playing season. With most of the larger European competitions now either complete or coming to a close, fans can again look forward to the annual frenzy that is the summer transfer window.

The biggest of the European leagues have aligned their windows to allow big-money moves across borders, as usual.

Here are the key dates for the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, the Bundesliga and Ligue 1.

When is the Premier League transfer window?

  • Dates: July 27-Oct. 5 (Oct. 16 for domestic window)

England’s top flight finished its season on July 26 and opened the window to summer transfers a day later. The Premier League will abide by UEFA’s guidelines and close its window on Oct. 5, although a domestic window will continue until Oct. 16 for transfers between Premier League clubs and teams from the lower divisions (no international deals or transfers between Premier League teams can take place during this time).

When is the Serie A transfer window?

The Italian league ends play Aug. 2, but Serie A clubs will not be able to officially add players until the window opens Sept. 1. The window shuts Oct. 5.

When is the La Liga transfer window?

Spain’s Primera Division — a.k.a. La Liga — wrapped up its 2019-20 campaign on July 19 with another title for Real Madrid. Los Blancos and the rest of the Spanish top flight will see a two-month transfer window lasting from Aug. 4 to Oct. 5.

When is the Bundesliga transfer window?

  • Dates: July 1, July 15-Oct. 5

The Bundesliga was able to restart earlier than every other major European league and thus was the only circuit to complete its season ahead of its original transfer window opening day of July 1. However, with the other leagues closing their windows on Oct. 5, the German competition decided to align with its neighbors while still allowing a short period of activity on July 1.

After a one-day window to start July, the Bundesliga ceased transactions ahead of a July 15-Oct. 5 transfer period.

When is the Ligue 1 transfer window?

Ligue 1 cut its competition short, paving the way for the French league to adhere to its original June 8 transfer window opening date. However, only domestic transfers are allowed right now, as international regulations only allow for a 12-week primary window.

The French federation has yet to announce its summer window, but a decision is expected soon.

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