What You Can Do with an MS In Computer Information Systems

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An MS in Computer Information Systems from NEC prepares students for leadership roles in ITGraduates from a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems program develop technical competence in information systems and knowledge of how to apply innovative technology to achieve strategic business goals. Earning an MS in Computer Information Systems leads to a variety of careers, including IT project management, web development, business analytics and executive jobs such as chief technology officer or chief information officer. 

An MS in Computer Information Systems program emphasizes the use of technology to solve business challenges and keep information flowing through an organization’s systems, leading to a more effective, efficient, and profitable operation. 

The New England College MS in Computer Information Systems prepares graduates for management-level jobs in IT. Students can choose their area of concentration from multiple options that include programming, project management and computer networking. 

What Is an MS in Computer Information Systems?  

Many computer-focused college degree programs concentrate on the technical aspects of IT. An MS in Computer Information Systems provides that education, but also helps graduates bridge the gap between innovation in technology and practical application to real-world business. 

The program at NEC offers courses that develop students’ technical skills while also developing their knowledge in management and organizational behavior. Graduates use their combination of knowledge to connect IT with business decision-making, using information from one to support the other. 

The  NEC MS in Computer Information Systems Program

The New England College graduate degree programs offer a combination of skills in both technology and leadership. It’s a combination employers increasingly need in the modern business world. 

Becoming a successful leader in IT requires “more than getting the job done,” according to CIO.com. They point out that employers want IT leaders who have skills in working with others and who can understand and consider a variety of perspectives. Employers also want leaders who can communicate technology-related issues to those without a high level of IT skills. 

The MS in Computer Information Systems at New England College offers students the chance to develop expertise in:  

  • Using skills in communication, teamwork, and leadership to translate technical information that helps an organization in aligning computer information systems and tools with organizational goals 
  • Applying project management skills to meet business goals 
  • Finding new tools and technologies that provide a strategic advantage 
  • Managing the implementation of new applications and technology 

Coursework in Computer Information Science 

Students in the NEC program first take core courses in leadership and programming. They choose three of the following four options in core courses.  

  • Organizational Leadership in Technology or IT Project Management 
  • Database Design 
  • Information Security 
  • Network Communications 

They then choose one course from five options in core programming. They include courses in Java, mobile web development, Android development and programming, Python programming, web programming with PHP/MySQL, and advanced topics in Java. 

Students also take four electives courses from a long list of choices that include coursework in cloud computing, data mining, information visualization, network programming, and advanced network communications. 

Students in the New England College program also choose to concentrate in one of six areas within the computer information science field: 

  • Data Modeling and Analytics  
  • Programming  
  • Project Management  
  • Web Technologies  
  • Computer Networking  
  • Pega Systems 

 What Kind of Careers Do Graduates Pursue? 

Those who graduate with an MS in Computer Information Systems are prepared for upper-level management jobs. Titles can include information systems manager or database administrator. They also have the knowledge to eventually move up into positions such as chief technology officer and chief information officer. 

In these positions, managers focus on short-term and long-term strategies for an organization’s technology department, as well as making sure IT is meeting and anticipating a company’s technology needs. They also oversee technology-related projects—often many projects at once. 

For an example of job duties, a typical computer information systems manager’s job includes the following, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  

  • Development of technology use policies and procedures 
  • Leveraging technology to improve an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Proposing technology-driven strategies to increase revenue and profit margins 
  • Analyzing the benefits of investing in technology upgrades 
  • Analyzing the return on investment of current technology-driven projects 

Other Jobs 

Depending on their concentration, an MS in Computer Information Systems graduate is prepared for many different careers. They include:  

  • IT project manager 
  • IT manager 
  • Business analytics 
  • Information security analyst 

What Connections Will Graduates Make through NEC in This Industry?  

New England College offers graduate students the chance to connect with businesses through an Internship Track. Those who take this track get the opportunity to take the theories learned in class and apply them in real-world situations.  

The college designed the internship program to help students understand organizational cultures and the expectations employers will have for them after graduation. It also gives them experience in the many different operational issues that IT managers factor in the decision-making process.  

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