What Happens When The Countdown Hits Zero?

This was updated on 5/27

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good old-fashioned season-ending live event here in Fortnite, but we’re definitely getting one soon. There’s a countdown in the game right now, both by an ominous-looking plasma ball in Midas’ office, which we’re sort of assuming is in The Agency at the middle of the map. It points to a big event on Saturday, May 30. So what’s going to happen?

I’ll caution that this is mostly about guessing: most of the major leakers avoid event leaks, and Epic is serious about trying to keep these things a surprise. Still, we can make some guesses. People have been calling this orb a “Doomsday Device”, and it seems like an accurate description: it’s the sort of supervillainy thing we might expect from this secret agent-themed season.

When it goes off, we can look towards leaks about the next season to take some guess about what’s going to happen. There have been a bunch of leaks that point to an underwater theme, and there are hatches surrounding The Agency at the middle of the map that are going to do “something”.

The best guess we have is that these hatches are going to open and flood the map, creating considerably more water than there was before and plenty of new gameplay opportunities that go beyond the boat and fishing stuff that we got at the beginning of Chapter 2.

Other stuff will happen too, that’s for certain: an event usually contains all sorts of things leading up to the “Aftermath” phase, and we know that this is going to have something to do with the ongoing conflict between rival organizations Ghost and Shadow. The current event-themed challenges are called “Storm the Agency”, and so I wouldn’t rule out some sort of major fight between the AI henchmen that have been stalking the spy bases all season long. It’s the sort of thing we haven’t seen in a live event so far, but that’s sort of the theme of all these live events: they’re all the sorts of things that we haven’t seen before.

It all goes down on Saturday, so check in then. It’s sure to provide some decent fireworks as we move towards the new season next week.

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