Werriwa Matters with Anne Stanley MP: ‘Facts are facts, they are not contentious’ | Liverpool City Champion

Words matter. What we say as leaders can have a profound and lasting impact.

Facts are facts, they are not contentious. You may not like them, you can wish they are different, but they are true. You cannot cherry-pick facts to give you the result you want.

COVID-19 has dominated all aspects of our life for the past 12-months. Many are scared and lonely. We have been separated from people we love at significant moments.

We have seen a rise in job insecurity and homelessness, a lack of clarity about the future, increased mental health issues, family violence, and stress among our community.

People continue to be affected by the virus around the world, hundreds of thousands are dead, friends and family in mourning. The worst thing we could do would be to undermine the science and give a platform to those who seek to spread misinformation.

Could things have been done differently? Perhaps. However, lessons have been learnt. We must now look to the future, make sure the virus is controlled and listen to the expert health advice.

Life will not return to normal and our economy will not recover until we have widespread immunity to the virus. The best way of achieving this is with a vaccine.

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