Was Nicola Sturgeon’s England quarantine threat a fit of pique or a realistic option?

She admitted that she couldn’t put border guards on Scotland’s airports to check on the health of visitors, although she did insist that her government did have responsibility for health matters north of the border.

It wasn’t clear if this meant that there would be health checks by doctors and nurses at Edinburgh and Glasgow airports and we didn’t get round to asking if they would be augmented by police officers, stationed on the M74 and A1 – the two main trunk routes into Scotland.

But with Mr Johnson due to announce the details of how he’s to allow ‘air bridges’ between the UK and selected holiday destinations, Ms Sturgeon said she hadn’t decided whether she would go along with them or not.

Before anyone could accuse her playing politics or engaging in constitutional arguments, she insisted that her main priority was the health of her country and that she had a responsibility to reduce the likelihood of the worst effects of the virus returning; all this when she had just reported that Scotland had had four days with no deaths.

And to questions about whether she might impose quarantine restrictions on tourists arriving in Scotland she said she was still considering the situation, before adding:  “I am not ruling anything out.”

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