Virtual summit hopes motivate the community to take control of their health

Black Health Matters is hosting “Close the Gap Virtual Summit” to connect the Black community across New York State.

NEW YORK — A virtual health fair is happening across New York State to connect the Black community with the latest information on COVID-19, the vaccine, and potential long-term health concerns.

Black Health Matters is hosting the “Close the Gap Virtual Health Summit.” It’s free and open to all New York State residents. It will feature the state’s leading physicians, scientists, and health and wellness advocates.

The goal of the summit is to help motivate people — specifically people of color — to take control of all aspects of their health. 

Black Health Matters founder and president, Roslyn Daniels, says that the pandemic has brought about “an awareness that is unstoppable. There’s amazing momentum around people wanting to reclaim their health, reclaim their peace of mind and reclaim those relationships because of COVID.”

The Black Health Matters virtual summit will provide knowledge on not just COVID-19 but other health diseases or ailments and what people of all ages can do to live their healthiest life.

The virtual summit starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 22nd and is packed with panels, discussions, speakers and events. They are covering health & wellness, fitness and nutrition in an uplifting way.

You can register for the free summit here.

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