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By Oluwaseyi Oso



If the unwanted plant could hear the name we have ascribed to it, I guess it would feel sorrow for itself. Did you know how much this plant strives to grow? It wants its existence to be known; generative and influential to the world that produces it. But we just glance at it and cut it off. It reincarnates itself, assuming that it didn’t act well in its past life or wasn’t beautiful enough.

Despite this we still cut it off, making its existence seem like a try-and-error. Once more, it would grow on a different spot, wrestling, struggling for survival but we do not appreciate the effort it takes for profundity.

Similarly, there is a person on this planet whose existence has been made worthless. S/he exists but s/he is not allowed to grow, to live, to be felt. The effervescent actions and steps s/he takes to survive are almost always cut off by his/her contemporary society. S/he experiences this because we have neglected the truth that every being is necessary in the development of the planet. Every individual, no matter how deformed, is pertinent in the recreation of the world.

Water, air, fire and earth are elements of survival that we cannot avoid. They form a compound—a necessary compound. By this same token, the life of every human being matters; and no one should be made to feel worthless. Only our collective and piquant pregnancies can birth a safer world.

Examining the world and how tiny it is in the sea of space, I realised that the core of our downfall is knowledge. Some people have their minds engraved in the notion that the next human being is a lesser being or that the next human being is a disruption to an accepted existing odd system—even though the person poses as a change maker; a solar plexus of energy for the planet to reach its desired destiny of—Oneness. This is why I don’t believe in ignorance because ignorance, to my mind, is another kind of knowledge—the human soul cannot be empty.

If you should send your mind in the direction of Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle and how they are being mistreated for attempting to bring the so-called Black colour into the monarchy, you would marvel at the darkness underlying the soul of some individual to construe others as simply unwanted. Heretofore, the world saw the marriage of Meghan Markle (of a mixed race) to Prince Harry as a graspable portal to a post-racial world; and by post-racial, is meant a world where one’s race has no effect on one’s socio-political dealings and/or acceptance; a world free of discrimination. But instead of birthing a world where colours should not make the human being feel like the “unwanted plant”, we found this couple cut off from the British monarchy.

Once again, Earth is so tiny but our division makes it so large; think about that. I have always told people, always written that the colour of our skin is Nature’s way of secreting pleasure. The world would be so boring and dull if there is no multiplicity of colours.

Also, the continents we find ourselves are rooms that allow us to make earth a heavenly mansion with several developed resting places—not for division. And I have discovered that the geographical locations we find ourselves determine the colour we have. Excessive sunshine or snowfall is not a curse nor; it’s God’s way of preserving our essence. Your colour is determined by where Nature fixates you. The body becomes very dark where the sun is very strong and the skin becomes light where the solar radiation is weak; and, in fact, dark-skinned need more sun to get sufficient Vitamin D. But we all should begin to think beyond these bodies of ours. The body is only a form; but the soul is an endless planet in itself, no colour exists in there. This is why I dream of a world where we can all communicate with our thoughts; a world where we do not judge a person’s worth by the face or physique. I remember a time; when I was standing in front my mirror, wishing that people could see that I’m beyond this face, see that I’m as endless as God. This is same for the every living and unborn.

There is no end to the amount of change we can make but we still lack a refining knowledge that can efface the underlying destructive knowledge in us. Knowledge is what destroys the world and knowledge will also reconstruct the world. The wars we fight or the wars we have fought, the misunderstandings that we protrude should not estrange us but should serve as a portal of wisdom and knowledge in dealing with ourselves.

There is a place near Earth where we hear a warning voice, though our language is distinct from the place I tell you about, we can still grasp the truth and pure intensity in its song. I see the watching eyes of planets, seen and unseen, gnarling in pain, weeping, as we fade into nothingness. How can Earth—a planet so inundated with intellect—let herself into this horrific horror?

Nobody cares; no one cares to stand on those two feet of theirs to hold Earth from falling, to hold Earth from crashing into the cycle of her inhabitants—Death. This is the future that sings about itself without rhythm. Today it’s only a dream; tomorrow it will force our eyes to close while we would wish that what we see is unreal.

How can you watch yourself die prematurely and still refuse to ignore ignorance? You spend your days thinking without making any action to raise your thought as Earth’s saviour. Many individuals, young or old, are merely scattered everywhere but our minds and hearts are farther than two million light years away from one person to another; we don’t close our hearts nowadays; rather, we open them for others who feel safe with us to eventually run off through the discomfort that we forest them into. Earth is dying. That is what the future writes me. Most of the times we could have spent changing the world, saving the climate, we have spent too much of it quarreling over unintelligible things and the future continues to laugh at us mockingly with fear behind the mask of that laughter.

Every human being is life and without life there is no life. I cannot imagine what Earth would be like without the presence of human beings, animals, and all of these properties that ascribe and describe her glory—maybe she would seem like an error of creation. Our institutions, our art, our culture is life in its real self. But if you separate these from life, then the world is only a dead place. This is why I want humanity to be convinced that we have missing gaps to fill; missing gaps of lives that we have stopped from adding life to life; adding conspicuity to life.


  • Oso wrote from Benin City.

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