Taxes will take down Trump

On May 25 came the announcement that the New York’s district attorney in Manhattan convened a grand jury for the criminal actions of Donald Trump and his financial organization.

This marks the end of Trump, at least politically, given what we already know and what has been charged by one of Trump’s former lawyers.

This jury is going to find such fraud. It will most likely be directly linked to Trump. But even if Trump is not personally indicted, he will no longer have the support to run for president again. Just imagine what this grand jury and subsequent indictment is going to show about Trump’s business dealings.

The man is not smart, and has been a financial failure all of his life. Even his book was ghost written. I am sure his own education was tantamount to graduating from Trump University — we don’t know for sure, because he has kept hidden his school records as well as his tax records.

But now those tax records are in the hands of the DA and, much like mob boss Al Capone, Trump and his brand are going to fall apart over tax evasion.

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