Southern Kaduna Killings, Shame Of A Nation

Editor’s note: In this opinion piece, Aanu Adegun writes on the need for Nigerians to speak up on the continuous killings in southern Kaduna.

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Nigerians are great worshippers. They believe in the almighty God. From the Christians to the Muslims, it’s all about holiness, going to heaven. However, in reality, many Nigerians are just hypocrites, especially our leaders.

The issue of the senseless killings going on in southern Kaduna is a pointer to this hypocrisy ours. Where is the outrage? when is the protest? Truth is, many of us lack empathy and feelings. We are good only with our mouths and not with our outrage.

When Floyd George was killed by a police officer in America, we all saw the rage, the protest – even from us here in Nigeria. But as dead bodies continue to pile on dead bodies in southern Kaduna, we only grumble. What manner of people are we?

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I agree that our government is not listening at all, but nothing stops us from talking on, from shouting louder. Letting the world know that we are not complicit in these avoidable deaths.

Though whether we like it all not, killings in southern Kaduna is a shame on our leaders, shame on leaders and elites from North, but it is also a general shame on us all as citizens of this great country.

The killings in southern Kaduna must stop. Whether you are a Muslim, Christian or traditional worshipper, PDP or APC member, it is time, we show our humanity and in one voice, persist in speaking and writing against the carnage going on in southern Kaduna.

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