Some of our take-outs on the ‘Kunle Story’ trending in Nigeria

kunle Story

Nigeria Twitter is not just more than a platform to rant and banter on social issues and the likes. It is now so very ‘personally-opened’ that people share personal stories about themselves that often times may appear as an over-share or just very unimportant. Among the many things trending in Nigeria today, one story comes with a lot of lessons as it concerns relationships, gender-based issues and so much more.

The story is of an older woman who allegedly started a relationship with a younger man, moved up to the point of engagement for marriage only to be ghosted by the young man who she had performed series of abortion for. While there is no name to the lady, a face, or any form of identity or verification if the story is at all true, we have, however, gotten some points to take from this anonymously shared story.

If you read the tweet above, you should know that Kunle is younger than the said woman. He allegedly promised her marriage after he said age is not a proble. In the lifespan of the relationship, Kunle asked the woman to perform abortion ’28+ times’ before ghosting on her eventually. Now that is established, here are some tweets that are leading to our take-out on this story:

28+ Abortions? 

The number of times this unidentified lady said she performed the abortions sounds a little farfetched, but she had also said that she had been with Kunle since childhood, so maybe that is plausible if she didn’t further state that she got to discover that Kunle was older than her years after their childhood of course.

Say It’s All True…

It was a consensual decision that both adults took and while Kunle may have jetted away from the relationship, some Twitter users believe that people need to take responsibility for their actions. If things go south, it’s only normal to look for whom to blame. Both parties in the Kunle story are adults and should take responsibility for their actions.

Many Twitter users who jumped on this story found it to be true, while others think it’s all a sham, a moment to trend something or an issue, however, there are things you can learn from randomness, especially if they address issues like this.

Other Twitter users were particular about the abortion performed by the lady as they pointed out that abortion should not be a thing to consider at all, their opinion birthed another trend that concerns abortion and life. Many as well in that trend were of the position that a woman can choose if she wants to keep a child or not as a whole new conversation started about the issue.

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