Sharon-Mutual teachers to get individual grants from Education Foundation | News

“The Sharon-Mutual Public Schools Education Foundation appreciates all the teachers at Sharon-Mutual Schools. We realize the challenges they are facing during the upcoming school year,” said Clint White, education foundation chairman.

“With the impact of COVID-19, there are many uncertainties on how this school year will be,” White added. “We understand that each teacher is preparing for virtual classes, which may require additional resources. “Therefore, the Foundation is giving each S-M teacher $250 to be spent on educational resources for their classrooms.

“Teachers will just make an online request and we will provide them with $250 individual grants for the 2020-2021 school year.”

White said the foundation tries to get teachers to write grants for their classrooms each year and then funds some of the grants.

“Last year we gave grants totaling $2,454.50,” White said. “This year we have $5000 for grants to Sharon-Mutual teachers.”

Sharon-Mutual Public Schools Education Foundation was started in 2016 to support the school district. Its mission is to enhance, expand, and enrich educational resources and experiences for the students through private donations and gifts. Their vision is to impact every student by providing grants to individual teachers and scholarships to graduating seniors each year.

“The Princess Ball is one of two major fundraisers for the S-M school district’s education foundation,” said White. “It is scheduled for November 14th at the Woodward Conference and Visitors Bureau. The girls will receive help styling their hair, putting on makeup, and dressing for the Ball before enjoying a formal dinner that is followed by the dance.”

A second annual fundraiser for the foundation is a meal before a high school football game. The date for this year’s meal is not yet set but will later be posted on the school website.

Sharon-Mutual students also have a special gift coming to them this year from the Sharon-Mutual Parent-Teacher Organization (P.T.O.) Each student will receive all the required school supplies for free. The P.T.O. will also provide a meal to all teachers during the spring parent-teacher conferences in 2021.

“We appreciate all donors who have contributed to the Sharon-Mutual Education Foundation,” White said. “Without your continued support, these grants would not be possible.”

Anyone wanting to help the education foundation may mail a donation to the following address: Sharon-Mutual Public Schools Education Foundation at 210 Maple Street in Mutual, OK 73853.

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