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Sharon Faliya Cham

Recently, a certain Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere who speaks for a defeated political contraption called CUPP went to town with another fable from his countless other fables, that whenever he sees President Muhammadu Buhari he sees a man who has completely missed his road and has continued on the path of destruction, and that corruption has consumed him and his administration! His fixation with lies and mischief against President Buhari appears to be an affliction, and it has therefore become a compelling patriotic duty to respond by way of questions in the following paragraphs.

Did Buhari miss his road by engaging in the construction of the Second Niger Bridge for Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere to be able to travel easily and smoothly to his native Southeast, or did Buhari miss his road by constructing highways and major motorable roads in the Southeast for Ugochinyere to be able to travel smoothly and faster whenever he happens to be in his region? Or did Buhari miss his road by upgrading and reconstructing the Akanu Ibiam International Airport  to make both local and international air travel smoother and easier for Ugochinyere’s kinsmen and women, without the hassle of having to travel far by road to other places with airports before boarding aircrafts?

By refusing to do any of the above for the Southeast and Nigeria in general during their 16 years of high revenues, is that the ”unmissed road” which Ugochinyere and the PDP he works and speaks for want Buhari to travel on? If so, then wouldn’t that be wickedness and cruelty against the wellbeing of the Southeast, or does Ugochinyere want Buhari to be as wicked as the PDP and CUPP in their neglect of the Southeast and Nigeria in general?

Ugochinyere now purports to hate and condemn insecurity during the Buhari administration, but has he so soon forgotten that Buhari is still fighting hard with very little revenue to resettle the over 2 million refugees the PDP handed over to him in 2015 due to the Boko Haram insurgency, which the party turned into a huge cash cow for looting us dry? By the way, has Ugochinyere forgotten that Nigerians will never ever forget the famous Dasuki ATM that dispensed lots of blood money freely to persons without conscience at the exact time those 2 million refugees were being displaced? Perhaps, Ugochinyere lives in Abuja or Kano or Jos or Yola or Kaduna or Zaria or Bauchi, and even if he doesn’t live in any of those places, let him ask other members of his CUPP circus that live there when last they ever feared going to markets or worship places or even walking the streets for fear of bomb blasts, or has Ugochinyere forgotten that when his PDP was in power, Nigerians were always running helter skelter at the mere sight of a bag or polythene bag lying carelessly by the road just because bomb blasts became daily routines in our towns, cities and even villages?

Oh, and interestingly, Ugochinyere now also purports to hate and condemn corruption, and even claims that corruption has consumed Buhari. But if corruption has consumed Buhari, how come it is the same Buhari that is fixing the rot in Nigeria generally with very meagre resources which Ikenga’s PDP failed to do in 16 years with huge revenues? By the way, if corruption has consumed Buhari, then shouldn’t Ugochinyere throw his hands up in praise and begin to love the administration, or has he forgotten too soon that it is his fanatical love for corruption that makes him hate Buhari with passion?

Aha, and even worse, he also repeated his PDP’s worn out lies that Buhari has crashed the economy, which begs the question: Which economy did Buhari crash? Was it PDP’s economy that almost all the 36 states couldn’t pay workers’ salaries for upwards of 14 months, or is it Buhari’s economy that all the states were bailed out more than three times at a time the country was earning less than 30% of what the PDP was earning? Or is Ugochinyere referring to PDP’s economy that was empowering the economies of foreign nations to the tune of $25bn annually through importation of food items and toothpicks, or is it the Buhari economy that closed our borders and empowered our farmers to produce what we eat, thereby ploughing the $25bn PDP was giving to foreigners back to our own economy?

Well, but then, if he is not aware that the Buhari economy paid the entitlements of workers of NITEL, NEPA, Nigerian Airways and Nigeria Railways Corporation after his PDP killed the companies and left the workers jobless without their gratuities and pensions, then he needs to go back to school and learn the meaning of economy. But for now, let’s start by educating Ugochinyere that economy is not defined as the ability to loot billions of dollars and stash them overseas or hide them in cemeteries or in water tanks or septic tanks or even in air-conditioned mud houses, and neither is it defined as the ability of nation-wreckers to be making noises about economies they are unable to create anywhere, but it is defined as the ability to steer the country into productivity, such that the youngsters who never ever saw what a train looks like between 1999 and 2015 can see it moving freely in 2020, bought with very meagre resources.

Understandably, whenever the apostles of corruption talk about the crash of the economy under Buhari, they are merely being nostalgic about the years when they could simply sit in smoke-filled rooms with champagne dripping from tables, and then share amongst themselves the billions of Naira they budgeted for roads, electricity, hospitals, education, agriculture, and so on. They miss those days when they were becoming billionaires without any visible source of  income, buying and flying private jets to exotic places of choice without care for the squalor they invented for the poor. They were on holidays of pleasure while the country they raped to stupor was on hollow days of pressure.

Those were the days of the kind of economy Ugochinyere misses. But for a cure, he should dutifully take these tablets as prescribed so that he can get well, and if he loves his co-travellers with the same passion he hates the Buhari administration, then he should kindly urge them to swallow this same prescription so that they can all get well at the same time. Meanwhile, I wish Ugochinyere a happy smooth ride whenever he travels to the Southeast. God used Buhari to make it happen.

•Sharon is the National Coordinator of Vanguard for the Protection of Citizens Rights in Nigeria

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