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The hugely well-received cooperative shooter sequel from developer Hopoo Games, Risk of Rain 2, will be leaving early access to Steam and releasing version 1.0 in August.

Risk of Rain 2 entered Steam in early March last year (it has since hit Xbox One, PS4, and Switch), and was initially expected to hit Version 1.0 this spring. However, as he explains in a new blog post, Hopoo made the decision to review that launch window after tweeting out to the community what he hoped to see addressed in 1.0 and discovered “quite a few areas for improvement we could work on” . “

Hopoo says that moving the Version 1.0 release from spring to August, the first deviation from its roadmap since early access began, will allow it to “ensure that RoR2 1.0 (is) really a complete gaming experience, and that it means not only completing and developing outside the content, but improving and iterating on the old features and content that are left behind “

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A recently revealed feature that targets Risk of Rain 2 in a future update is a built-in server browser, designed to address issues related to online gaming by providing easy access to peer-to-peer games as well as created ones. with a dedicated server Tool. The goal, Hopoo says, is to help players more easily find a match to the setting they want.

“While we don’t have host migration yet,” wrote the developer, “the hope is that if everyone plays in a lobby with the settings they like, people won’t give up on ping, difficulty, or other fixable reasons. Also We hope that a built-in server browser can bring the dedicated servers hosted in the community to life. “

Rain 2 Revised PC Roadmap Risk.

Hopoo points out that its June console update will still arrive on time (featuring products like Artifacts 2.0 that came to PC earlier this year), but says that the change from Spring version 1.0 on PC will also change the timeline. for full console release.

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