Premier League clubs to operate colour-coded warning system in training

During the first phase, training was limited to 75 minutes but now there will be no time limit and managers can train as long as they want to outdoors although there is a clear warning that “close contact” should be limited as much as possible.

This is in accordance with the Government’s guidance on “social distancing in the workplace (which) suggest that where close contact is essential, it should be kept to 15 minutes or less wherever possible”. Players should social distance as quickly as they can after every drill and there is an acceptance that it will be difficult for coaches to implement as they are urged to adapt their training approaches.

The document includes a number of other points including asking clubs to limit the number of throw-ins during training so players handle the ball as little as possible, keeping drinks breaks short and ensuring players only use their own personal bottles, bibs being handed out by someone wearing PPE gloves and not passed around by players, goalkeepers training away from the rest of the squad and all coaching equipment – including cones and mannequins – disinfected after each use.

Wednesday’s meeting will be followed by another crucial videoconference involving the 20 clubs on Thursday where a number of matters are on the agenda including the re-start date of the remaining 92 games, the scheduling of when they will be played and how the 45 matches not already selected to be broadcast will be shown on television including some which will be free-to-air and what changes will be made to coverage given all fixtures will be played behind closed doors.

Other issues on the lengthy agenda include the rebate for the broadcasters, with, as Telegraph Sport revealed last week, an extra £36million due every week beyond July 14 on top of the £330million already to be paid, whether neutral venues will be used – which seems increasingly unlikely – and the options should the season be curtailed.

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