Pokemon Go Announces 2020 Go Fest Makeup Day

Pokemon Go Announces 2020 Go Fest Makeup Day

As Pokemon Go Fest took place during the weekend of July 24th- 26th, many players found themselves experiencing technical difficulties with their phones and the Pokemon Go servers (with the most reports being recorded on Saturday, July 25th). Because of these technical issues, Niantic is offering players who purchased tickets a makeup period so they have the chance to participate fairly in the Go Fest. Those same Pokemon Go players who also bought tickets will also receive two Incense (that are set to last an hour compared to the original thirty minutes run time) and two Remote Raid Passes, as well as Gifts and Rare Candies.

In a blog post on the official Pokemon Go website, the announcement that the Go Fest makeup day will be on  August 16th,  letting players experience all of the features just in case they missed them on the original dates due to these issues. The events are set to start from 11 AM to 2 PM local time, and in those events, the Pokemon that were featured in the rotating Fire, Water, and Friendship habitats will appear more frequently for those that missed the opportunity but purchased tickets. As it goes, the scheduled times are,

  • 11 AM: Fire types
  • 12 PM: Water types
  • 1 PM: Friendship

Even with these technical errors happening, Pokemon Go reported that they generated over $17 million USD over the weekend of Go Fest 2020. For that that took part in Pokemon Go Fest 2020, there is also another event that they can take part in as well. Go Fest Ultra Unlock is set to take place from Friday, July 31st to Friday, August 7, and will allow players to have access to rare Dragon-type Pokemon. 

Other events that are set to take place in August are the Research Breakthrough Encounter, which starts on Saturday, August 1st to Tuesday, September 1st. and will feature the Pokemon Scraggy. Magikarp Community Day is set to start on Saturday, August 8th, along with different Pokemon Spotlight Hours taking place every Tuesday for the rest of the month.

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