Physician reveals health effect of eating late, poor sleeping habit

A medical professional has cautioned against the dangers inherent in eating at odd hours and the development of poor sleeping habits, especially among working professionals.

Dr. Omoteemi Olakunle in a chat with DAILY POST revealed that these twin negative living habits have over the years made many Nigerians to be managing health issues that were totally unnecessary.

The physician who revealed that eating late has negative health implications for the body added that Nigerians are used to the habit because of family upbringings and social status.

The medical professional indicated that health implications associated with eating late nights included obesity, potbelly, poor sleep, heartburns and raised blood sugar levels.

Hinting at the negative side effects of poor sleeping habits, Dr Omoteemi explained that there was a difference between sleep deprivation and poor sleeping habits.

He noted that one of the early signs of poor sleeping habits is mood swings and low motivation which may lead to depression amongst the working class aduits.

According to him, “Poor sleeping habits can also lead to confusion, difficulty in learning and low impulse control.

“When you see some individuals having difficulty in understanding and not being able to relate well with their peers, a closer study would reveal that such a person has not been sleeping very well.

“Don’t get me wrong, other situations may be responsible but most times, it is associated with poor sleeping habits.

“Nigerians should note that poor sleeping habits always take a toll on the brain by weakening it and not making enough time for rest will make the person function far below their best.

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