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Organ donation myths busted by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration:

MYTH: “I have a medical condition, so I can’t be a donor.”

FACT: Anyone can sign up to be a donor. Even with an illness, you may be able to donate organs or tissues.

MYTH: “I’m too old to be a donor.”

FACT: Organ donation is not limited by age.

MYTH: “If they see I’m a donor at the hospital, they won’t try to save my life.”

FACT: Lifesaving care is the only priority when you are admitted to a hospital.

MYTH: “Rich or famous people on the waiting list get organs faster.”

FACT: Donors are matched to recipients through the federal Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network. Race, income and celebrity are not factors considered by the national computer system that identifies matches.

MYTH: “My family will have to pay for the donation.”

FACT: Organ and tissue donations are facilitated at no cost to donors or their families.

MYTH: “Somebody could take my organs and sell them.”

FACT: Buying and selling organs in the United States is prohibited by federal law.

MYTH: “People in the LGBTQ community can’t donate.”

FACT: No federal policy or regulation prohibits organ donation on the basis of sexuality or gender.

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