Nigerians, NCDC and the #EndCovidScamNow trending in Nigeria


Nigerians on Twitter have called out the NCDC over the ever-rising figures on the COVID-19 ‘confirmed cases’ in Nigeria. In a new Twitter trend, #EndCovidScamNow, Nigerians have pointed out that there may be much foul play as it concerns the coronavirus in Nigeria.

While many people are very conscious about this deadly disease, a host of others still think that the virus is all a hoax and government strategy to deceive Nigerians. There are others, however, who are of the opinion that the virus is very present here, but the figures are being exaggerated by the federal government and the NCDC.

Many Twitter users have also shared that the NCDC needs to be transparent when it comes to the numbers, and everything as it concerns, isolation centers, quarantining patients and releasing recovered patients as they went further to compare the NCDC with other countries which have cases even higher than Nigeria.

Nigerians compared the NCDC with the UK, US, Italy, and some other world epicenters of the disease. Also, some users went further to point out that the Nigerian government is just using the numbers to incite fears in Nigeria.

Talking about the isolation centers, some users shared video footage of some activities that are going on there as it appeared that the people in some isolation centers seemed to be hale and hearty. The NCDC, is yet to speak on these allegations levied against them as Nigerians are calling them to stop with just updating them daily with numbers but with also concrete evidence that back their ‘confirmed cases’

Other Twitter users, reacted to a letter allegedly sent by President Trump to the World Health Organization (WHO) after it was alleged the US had discovered some discrepancies with the WHO administration.

The #EndCovidScamNow is not suggesting that there is no confirmed case in the country, rather, it is pointing out that the government and the NCDC have not been transparent enough about the figures as it concerns the rising number of cases and as well as the released and discharged patients who have recovered from the virus.

A few people who joined this trend were mostly students and those who expressed interest in government affairs as many of them had pointed out that they want to get on back with their lives.

As we all await the NCDC’s clarification on these concerns, the call for transparency must be taken seriously if the fight against the pandemic will be fought with the cooperation of citizens. It will also remain a wise decision for Nigerians to continuously adhere to the various health advisory as the washing of hands regularly, avoid crowded places, practice social distancing amongst others to stay safe.


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