Nigerian schools reopening: How Nigerians dey reason online classes plus when schools go start

Children dey learn for house through online

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Children dey learn for house through online

Many primary and secondary schools, even some tertiary institutions for Nigeria don adopt online teaching since goment close all schools for di kontri sake of coronavirus.

As goment order say make all schools close for March 26, most schools rush di second term examinations and for April wey dem suppose resume, most of dem resume online to engage di children.

Di online teaching na to epp pupils and students learn even as lockdown dey, make dem for no forget class work.

Some states for di federation like Lagos state Ministry of Education organize television and radio lessons for primary and secondary school students everyday wia dem dey teach dem all di subjects as part of di step wey di goment dey take to improve di standard of education for dis coronavirus pandemic period.

But pupils and students dey benefit from dis online classes?

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Children dey learn online

Di Director of School, Divine Offsprings International School for Lagos, Mr Okechukwu Anunobi tell BBC Pidgin say di online teaching dey make sense well-well as na anoda level of technology dem dey take teach children and many parents don begin dey embrace am.

He say 60-70% of dia school children bin follow join di online teaching and dem dey use different apps like zoom, animations, cartoons and videos take teach di children so as to make am fun and interesting as dem dey learn.

Mrs Racheal Fakanlu wey be di proprietor of Adorable Heart School tok say dem gats just begin online teaching, make children no just dey house dey play for dis coronavirus pandemic period. She explain say di online classes no fit give di kain result wey physical classroom teaching dey give but e dey okay to engage students.

Ms Athina Jeje wey be class teacher for one nursery and primary school for Abuja say many of the pupils dey cooperate and dem dey learn very well. She even prefer di online classes as plenty softwares and apps dey to take teach children.

Wetin be di challenges schools dey face to arrange online classes?

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Watsapp video to take teach children

As online teachings get im benefits na so di challenges too dey plenty as many of di teachers complain say light no dey, plenty data wey dem dey buy, di apps dem go need download, dem no fit get one hundred percent concentration from the children sake of say dem no dey near dem physically, some of di children no get di gadgets to connect for di online classes like laptops or phones, some dey use dia parents own and e no easy for dem and many oda tins wey no make di online classes sweet belle.

How much di online teaching dey cost schools?

Di school proprietors tok say online classes dey very expensive as di moni wey dem carry dey organize am dey enta millions of naira.

Dey explain say dem gatz buy gadgets for dia teachers, pay di teachers salary, provide data and oda resources wey go make dem fit relate well wit dia students and all dis na for free as dem no dey charge di parents. Goment too no dey epp dem.

How parents take dey reason di online classes?

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Mama dey teach her pikin

Some parents wey follow BBC tok say dem no too see di effect of di online classes as na wetin di children learn when dem dey school na im dem still dey teach dem. Dey also complain say parents gats dey wit di pupils or students when di teachers dey teach.

Di parents say di teachers go just set questions give students to answer and na only English and Mathematics be di major subjects dem dey teach, so oda subjects like science, social studies dey suffer.

Oda kontris like China, Taiwan, Denmark among others don reopen dia schools but Nigeria goment neva tok anytin on top weda schools go resume anytime soon as di kontri still dey record more cases of coronavirus.

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Teacher dey write for board for classroom

Di teachers advise say before goment go tink of to reopen school make dem make sure say safety measures dey in place. for di schools.

Dem also reason say if di situation continue like dis, make goment compulsory washing of hands and face masks for schools as dem do for work place and markets so dat children fit return as e no good make dem stay house for long because na di age wen dem need correct education be dis.

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