Nigeria signs bilateral agreement with Israel on green energy development

Nigeria and Israel on July 29 have signed a bilateral agreement in the field of green energy development, according to a news report by Today.

The agreement was the outcome of a closed-door meeting between Yotam Kreiman, Deputy Head of Israeli Mission to Nigeria, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, Minister of Science and Technology in Abuja.

Yotam Kreiman said that ‘Dor Group’ is one of the leading companies in Israel in the field of energy.

He expressed appreciation to both the Dor partners and the ministry over the success of the signing of the agreement.

According to him, the company had excelled in the production of methanol as a safe, clean, and green substitute for fuel in Israel and now in Nigeria.

Yotam said, “Both Dor and the diplomatic relations and friendship between Israel and Nigeria are now 60 years old.

“The process that brought us today has neither been short nor simple, after many tests and checks of possibilities and probabilities, it is commencing.

“Israel is happy to bring technologies and knowledge to Nigeria, especially in this dire time, when job opportunities are scarce and much needed. We believe this project will change the future of Nigeria and Africa in general, particularly when it comes to green, clean energy, “he added.

“We know West Africa region looks up to Nigeria and we are happy to celebrate the beginning of this bilateral relation.”

He extolled Onu and other partners of Dor in Nigeria for their belief in the project to have contributed to the success of the agreement since the inception.

Meanwhile, Onu commended Israel’s remarkable achievements in the development of technology.

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