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David Onwuchekwa, Nnewi

Rising cases of banditry, kidnapping, other forms of insecurity, economic strangulations and viruses in Nigeria have been a source of worry to a religious group, Yahudim Shabbat Observers of Nigeria.

In this interview, Director of Communication and Information of the organization, His High Enact Martins Ozonnamalu proffers solutions to the nation’s problems; insisting that the country needs immediate spiritual help.

Much seems not to be known about your religious organization?

Yahudim Shabbat Observers of Nigeria is a religious sect. As Director of Communication and Information, I cover 18 countries of Africa.

Yahudims are people who worship on Saturdays. Yahudim means the covenant children who have made a covenant with Yahweh the Creator. We don’t recognize Sunday as a day of worship. Yahweh directs that we should worship the first day which is Saturday. Those who worship on Sunday worship a deity called Sun. That’s why it’s called Sun-day, the day of Sun which origin is traced to Egypt.

Some people accuse white garment churches of being diabolical and fetish; how do you react to that?

Even in the days of old wherever you see the original you must see the counterfeit. It is natural because you see light and darkness, good and bad. Even in some churches those people you see are not all worshippers. Some of them are satanic agents. You can see the native doctors who will just camouflage in the name of church and begin to do all sorts of things. They know that if they act on the platform of native doctor, people will run away from them. So, they will now carry Bible and form a church to use as cover. It is even in the scripture that in later days, Satan is going to disguise himself as a sheep but a wolf in actual fact in order to destroy.

The fakes are everywhere. You can see them on the side of Catholic, Anglican and Pentecostal. So, it depends on you and me with the Creator. But I must tell you that people who keep the covenant can never do anything fetish because the power of Yahweh is superior to that of occult people and native doctors. Anybody who has covenant with the Creator can’t be diabolical, occultic or be an idol worshipper.

One thing you should know is that most of those people you call pastors are not pastors. They called themselves and not by God the Creator. If you see anybody that is called by the Creator; you will know because by their fruits you shall know them. People now parade themselves as pastors because of hunger and again to fulfil the end-time prophesy. There are people Satan uses to achieve his aim. However, there are still the children of the Most High. They have excellent spirit and have nothing to do with carnality, occultism or idolatry. They are not law breakers. You know many are called, according to the scriptures, but few are chosen. Did you ever hear that Peter, Paul, James and John, and so on of old raped someone or committed the kind of atrocities you hear of these days?

Are you saying that the problem of Nigeria is more of spiritual than physical?

Yes. That’s correct. We need to be more of spiritual than carnal and go according to the direction of the Creator. For over eleven years, Nigeria has been fighting Boko Haram insurgents without a conclusion of the war. Just look at that. You think it is ordinary? Kidnapping and banditry keep increasing on a daily basis.

Recently, we sent a solution message to President Muhammadu Buhari articulated by the servant of Yahweh, Cohen Gadol Nabbinu Mosheh because of the federal government’s kind gestures to the Yahudim people in Nigeria which gladdens the heart of Yahweh for the country and her citizens and to reciprocate the gestures, Yahweh desires to re-fix the country and restore her glory, peace and unity. Yahweh promises to bring to an end all manner of insecurity, viruses and other perturbing issues facing the nation and her inhabitants anywhere in the world. Yahweh will restore peace and unity without a gunshot or any form of weapons against one another in the land.

And to complement this, President Buhari should call for spiritual leaders meeting in the country that comprises religious and other wise spiritualists in Nigeria including the Yahudims in an open place as the President desires for the meeting and he shall assign to them the task to end insecurity, all forms of viruses as well as other worrisome issues in Nigeria with their spiritual powers to restore peace and unity in the land. And if need be, spiritualists can be invited from outside the country for this spiritual exercise.

And in order not to politicize this marvellous opportunity to save Nigeria from further troubles, Yahweh in His supreme authority gave time frame of seven days from the date of this publication to summon for the meeting and failure to convene it before the end of the stipulated time Yahweh said that on the 8th day, he will strike the executive arm of the government with whatever plague that pleases Him to use against the leaders for refusing to save Nigeria and her inhabitants from more evil occurrences to prove that He is the Alef and Tau of every power and authority.

How do you look at corruption and the fight against it in Nigeria?

The leaders are not taking care of the masses. Corruption fight is nothing to write home about. An orange tree cannot bear mango fruits neither can a cow give birth to a lion. It is a case of thief chasing the thief. The Bible says when a righteous man is on the thrown, the people rejoice. But when an evil man is in authority, the people groan. Where is the money recovered from Abacha and other recoveries? There are so many corrupt practices going on in the country.

The issue is that the leaders are possessed and they need deliverance. They are overwhelmed by demonic powers. Let them call church leaders to deliver them. All the members of the executive, legislature, the judiciary are to be delivered, if this country must get out of its numerous problems.

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