Nigeria: How Abia Police Station Was Attacked, Fatality Avoided – Official

The Abia State Government condemns the attack on the Mike Okiro Police Station.

The armed persons who attacked a police station in Abia State, on Sunday, came in three vehicles and three motorcycles, an official has said.

John Okiyi-Kalu, the Abia commissioner for information, also said there was no casualty from the incident because there was a security report earlier that the station could be attacked. He said the police officers at the station were relocated from there three weeks earlier.

Mr Okiyi-Kalu, in a press statement on Sunday, said the Abia State Government condemns the attack on the Mike Okiro Police Station, located along the Umuahia-Uzoakoli Road, in Umuahia North Local Government Area (LGA).

“On Sunday, at about 09.45 hours, the Mike Okiro Police Station, located along Umuahia-Uzoakoli Road, close to Ubani market, was attacked by hoodlums, who came in a bus, 2 Sienna mini vans and 3 motorcycles,” he wrote.

“While two vehicles, two motorcycles, stationeries and office equipment inside the police station were set on fire, there were no human casualties or loss of weapons.

“Following security review of credible intelligence, officers at the station were evacuated and relocated three weeks earlier.

“The Government of Abia State condemns, in its totality, the attacks on security agents and facilities across the country,” warning those responsible for the attacks that they will certainly not escape the long arms of the law as “our security architecture in the state is robust enough to bring them to justice.”

He expressed dismay over the attacks on security agents, especially the Nigeria Police Force, adding that this was dangerous for everyone in society.

Mr Okiyi-Kalu called on the citizens and leaders to come together and evolve strategies that would bring an end to such attacks on security agents and facilities.

He said the destruction of security facilities would create more problems than solutions, adding that venting one’s grievances and agitating for redress as provided for in our constitution is more effective than taking laws into one’s hands.

He urged the people of Abia to remain law-abiding and maintain vigilance as they go about their normal businesses, and advised them to observe the curfew hours of 8.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.