Next time, set curd with raisins; here are the health benefits

As much as we love eating curd, it also comes with its own health benefits. But nothing beats unadulterated, homemade curd.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently took to Instagram to talk about the benefits of eating curd. Curd is a “well-documented intervention for regulating cholesterol levels, reducing BP and promoting weight loss,” she wrote on social media.

Diwekar, however, went on to suggest setting curd at home with raisins, adding how the combination of the two benefits the health immensely.

Diwekar said, “Curd acts as a probiotic and the raisins, with their high content of soluble fibre, as a prebiotic. Together they –

– neutralise the bad bacteria,
– promote the growth of good bacteria,
– reduce the inflammation in the intestines,
– keep your teeth and gums healthy,
– good for the bones and joints too.”

She also shared an easy recipe for setting curd with raisins. Try this:

* Take a bowl of warm milk preferably fresh and full fat
* Add four to five raisins to it (preferably black raisins)
* Take a small drop of dahi, even better buttermilk, and add that to the milk
* Stir it multiple times (grandmothers say 32 times)
* Cover it with a lid and set it aside for up to eight to 12 hours.
* When the top layer appears thick, the curd is ready to eat
• Have it with lunch or as a mid-meal 3-4 pm post-lunch

Not just raisins, you can also add dates, “especially if you are trying to get pregnant,” the nutritionist added.

How about trying raisin-flavoured curd?

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