May 23 | Statewide Virtual NJ Race for Recovery – mental health matters

Shore House Statewide Virtual “NJ Race for Recovery” Announced

May 15 – June 15

We hear again and again that mental health matters. It does. For all of us. The mental health effects of the pandemic could linger long after the crisis has passed. Moving forward, we will all need to heal, recover, rebuild, de-stress and come back stronger physically and mentally. For those already struggling with mental illness, the road to recovery will be even more challenging.

During May, Shore House joins the national movement to raise awareness on mental health and is holding its first statewide virtual NJ Race for Recovery” fundraising and awareness campaign from May 15th to June 15th.

One of 320 Clubhouses world-wide, Shore House empowers and restores hope, independence and self worth for people living with a mental illness, and is the first and only accredited Clubhouse in NJ. The Clubhouse model is a proven, evidence-based program that offers psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery support to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. There are 11 Clubhouses in New York and 21 in Pennsylvania and yet, just one in New Jersey.

The virtual “NJ Race for Recovery”” offers participants a 1, 2, or 5 mile goal. Individuals, families and friends can walk, run, hike, jog, swim, row, surf, hop, skip, jumprope, skateboard, dance, treadmill, walk the dog, walk the cat, bicycle, tricycle, stroll in your home, in your yard, around the block, around the neighborhood, at the park, whenever and wherever. The race is open to everyone; individuals, clubs, teams, kids, babies, grannies and families, young and old, fast or slow. 

“No excuses. You don’t have to wake up early. There’s plenty of parking. You can start any time you feel like it and you’re guaranteed first place. We promise the weather will be great too. Once registered, entrants will be emailed their own exclusive “NJ Race for Recovery” bib to print and wear proudly. Based on the honor system, participants can break up the race over multiple days or do it all at once. Either way, we’ll be cheering you on every step of the way,” said Susan Mazzeo, Executive Director of Shore House. 

After registering for the virtual race, participants are encouraged to then create their own fundraising campaign and reach out to friends and colleagues, the community, neighborhood, and schools by posting on their social networks to raise even more funds for Shore House. Participants can start their own team, join a team, support Team Shore House or go solo.

100% of the funds raised from the race and fundraising campaign will kick off the Clubhouse Movement in NJ and directly benefit Shore House programs to ensure those who struggle with mental health challenges have a place to belong, can heal, and stay on the path to recovery.

For more information about Shore House or to register for the race visit www.ShoreHouseNJ.org

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