Liverpool outline ‘extreme measures’ being taken ahead of expected Premier League return

Liverpool have outlined the “extreme measures” they are taking at Melwood to prepare their players for a return to action.

The Reds reopened part of their training ground last week for players who wanted to resume training in isolation having found it difficult to do so while at home.

With the main building at Melwood still not in use, the club have set up portable toilets and changing rooms for squad members to help maintain social distancing.

And after initially believing they could be back in action within a couple of weeks after the Premier League was suspended on March 13, Liverpool have had to be proactive in coping with the continued lockdown in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

“Since the start, we had very hard training sessions thinking that we would return in two or three weeks’ time but since the lockdown has continued, we eased up the training at home,” said Liverpool physio Jose Luis Parada.

“Now that they’ve gone to the next phase, which is voluntary individual training sessions, there is one player training per pitch with extreme measures observed.

“Temporary toilets and showers have been set up on the pitches so that no-one has to enter the buildings.”

While Liverpool’s players have taken part in virtual training and yoga sessions using Zoom, the majority of their work has been in isolation.

The Reds are this week hoping to discover the latest stage of the Premier League’s plan to resume the season, with the government thought ready to give the green light for a return to action in mid-June with paper outlining the immediate future of professional sport expected to be published on Tuesday.

That would allow a return to full squad training as has happened in Germany and Spain and will begin in Italy next Monday.

Until then, though, the Melwood restrictions will remain in place. And Parada, speaking to Cadena Cope radio, added: “We have four or five pitches so we have five players every 45 minutes.

“They are given a timetable and arrive at different times. They have paths signalled on the floor like in airports.

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“The player follows those signs once he leaves his car, he goes into the portable locker rooms, then he comes out and trains, does running drills, then when he is done, he follows a different path to eventually get to his car.

“They never come across players that are coming in or players that are already there. There’s no need to enter the building.

“Once the player gets into his car, he already has in there his food and clothes to take to home. The clothes (from training) are later on sent to their home.”

Liverpool are a record 25 points clear at the Premier League summit and need only two more wins to clinch a first championship since 1990.

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