Live updates: COVID-19 cases and trends in Minnesota, Wisconsin

Here are the latest developments with COVID-19 spread in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the effort to vaccinate state residents.

MINNESOTA, USA — Saturday, Feb. 6

Less than one full week into February, Minnesota has passed another vaccination milestone. 

More than 500,000 (525,236) people in the state have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose. Of those, 147,321 have received both doses. Due to a several-day lag in releasing vaccination data, those numbers are valid as of Feb. 4. 

You can read more about the state’s vaccination effort here: mn.gov/covid19/vaccine/.

As for other virus data, MDH reported 1,030 new COVID-19 cases and 17 new deaths.

MDH’s COVID-19 case definition includes both antigen testing and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing. Positive PCR test results are considered confirmed cases, while positive antigen test results are considered probable cases.  

Saturday’s new case total includes 857 confirmed cases and 173 probable cases.

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The total number of Minnesotans who have tested positive for the virus since the pandemic began is now 467,217, with 20,908 of those as antigen test results. 

MDH says 17 new deaths from the virus were reported. That pushes the total number of fatalities in Minnesota to 6,289.

To date, 24,686 Minnesotans have been hospitalized with the coronavirus since the pandemic started, with 5,098 of them needing care in the ICU.

MDH reports that 452,183 people once diagnosed with the virus have passed the point where they are required to isolate.

Of those who have tested positive, people between the ages of 20-24 account for the most cases with 46,888 cases and three deaths, and ages 25-29 follow with 41,984 cases and six deaths. Those between 85 and 89 years old account for the highest number of fatalities in one age group with 1,196 out of 6,118 diagnosed cases.

In terms of likely exposure to the coronavirus, MDH says 102,572 cases were the result of community transmission with no known contact with an infected person, and 95,175 had known contact with a person who has a confirmed case.

A total of 38,436 cases involved exposure in a congregate living setting,
7,878 were in a corrections setting, and 993 were in a homeless shelter. MDH data shows 18,182 were linked to an outbreak outside of congregate living or health care.

MDH says 31,791 cases were linked to travel. Health care workers or patients account for 14,437 diagnosed COVID-19 cases. The source of transmission for 157,753 cases is still unknown or missing.

MDH has prioritized testing for people in congregate care, hospitalized patients and health care workers, which may impact the scale of those numbers. However, now MDH is urging anyone who is symptomatic or even asymptomatic to be tested. Testing locations can be found online.

Hennepin County has had the most COVID activity in the state with 97,000 cases and 1,548 deaths, followed by Ramsey County with 41,678 cases and 778 deaths, Dakota County with 34,597 cases and 370 deaths, and Anoka County with 32,138 cases and 374 deaths.

Full data, including a breakdown of PCR and antigen test totals in some categories, can be found on MDH’s website.

The number of state residents who have received COVID-19 vaccine is nearing a milestone, according to data released Friday by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). 

MDH’s vaccine dashboard says 497,843 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine as of Wednesday, making it almost certain the state will reach the half-million mark on Saturday. Health officials say 138,212 Minnesotans have completed the two-shot series. 

Overall, 9% of state residents have received at least one dose of vaccine.

Providers continue to make slow progress on the goal of a directive from Gov. Tim Walz that 90% of all vaccine received be administered to patients within three days. As of Wednesday that number was at 83%. Providers are currently using 95% of vaccines received within seven days. 

New cases of coronavirus dipped a bit with health officials recording 1,054 in the past day, based on 38,947 tests (35,660 PCR, 3,278) processed in private and state labs. Single-day cases down from 1,410 reported Thursday, but testing volume dipped slightly as well. 

Minnesota has had 466,224 positive cases since the start of the pandemic, 20,745 of them associated with an antigen test.

An additional 22 deaths from the virus were recorded, bringing total fatalities to 6,273. Of those deaths 3,960, or 63% of them are associated with assisted living or long-term care settings. 

The number of hospital beds across Minnesota being used to treat COVID patients has flattened out. As of Thursday 362 beds were filled with coronavirus patients, 83 of them ICU beds. In the Twin Cities metro availability remains tight, with just 3.6% of non-ICU beds (132) open for new patients across the system. 

Total hospitalizations from the pandemic are now up to 24,617, with 5,092 of those patients requiring ICU care. MDH says 450,924 people who at one time tested positive for the virus have recovered to the point they no longer need to be isolated. 

Young adults from 20 to 24 account for the largest group of Minnesota’s COVID cases with 46,815 and three deaths, followed by people 25 to 29 with 41,904 cases and six deaths, and those 30 to 34 with 39,038 cases and 11 fatalities. 

The largest grouping of deaths involves people 85 to 89, with 1,194 fatalities in 6,097 cases. 

Hennepin is the state’s most active COVID county with 96,785 cases and 1,546 deaths, followed by Ramsey County with 41,578 and 776 deaths, Dakota County with 34,515 cases and 370 deaths, and Anoka County with 32,076 cases and 374 deaths.

Cook County in northeastern Minnesota has registered zero deaths from COVID, and just 116 cases since the pandemic arrived in the state. Lake of the Woods County has the second-lowest number of cases with 207, and one fatality.

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