LETTER: Don’t tell anyone you’re voting by mail | Opinion

For the first time in our lives, due to health matters and physical limitations, the wife and I have decided to vote absentee by mail.

I made the mistake of commenting on a social media post about my decision on the subject. I was immediately assailed by the pages resident political experts, where, I was called lazy, ignorant and other derogatory terms. I was informed that I should just not bother voting. I was informed that the entire state and county election commissions are run by and under the control of the Democratic Party, that they have control of the postal system and that absentee ballots that are for Republican candidates will somehow disappear. That this fraud has been perpetrated in the past, and millions of votes have been lost.

So if you’re contemplating voting by mail, best keep that info to yourself.

Don Watts

Goose Creek

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