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Afenifere leader Chief Ayo Adebanjo said while it is not the wish of the socio-political goup that Yoruba should pull out of Nigeria, the Federal Government should urgently embark on restructuring to foster true federalism.

He emphasised that although he would not support separation, the present arrangement that favours unitarism and nepotism is worries to many ethnic groups.

Adebanjo, who spoke on telephone, explained that Yoruba have been calling for restructuring under the federal system as agreed by the founding fathers.


He said:”My reaction is clear. We don’t want Nigeria to break. But, we don’t want to be oppressed. We don’t want a situation that is giving rise to Igboho or Kanu. The youths in Yorubaland and Middlebelt and other ethnic groups are restless. We should do restructuring to avoid break up.

“I don’t support separation, but I will not want a Nigeria that will continue with the present arrangement.”

Aare Ona Kankanfo of Yorubaland Gani Adams said if restructuring is embarked upon today, the agitation for secession will fizzle out.

He stressed: “The only thing that can stop the agitation is restructuring through regionalism.”


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