Know Your Madisonian: IT director works behind the scenes to keep city running smoothly | Local News

“I’ve been able to watch our city grow and progress,” Edgerton said. “I love Madison.”

What made you want to stick with working for the city’s technology departments?

It was just so much fun trying to find creative ways to get people engaged and to make people want to participate in city government. City Channel was like that very first digital presence before the web. And I just found that super fascinating, and I loved it.

And then when I moved into the web and IT, it was a whole new world. I mean, this was completely new. Being there at the very beginning was so much fun. And I learned so much.

You mentioned fiber before. What is that?

So fiber is for internet for networking. If you have Charter Spectrum or AT&T, there’s a fiber backbone to that. That’s what we do for our city facilities. We decide where we’re going to build the new paths for fiber.

We’re looking at redundancy, making sure that if one fiber line goes down because of a bad ice storm or a fiber cut that we have another redundant way for the Police Department, our Fire Department and all of our satellite facilities (to) continue to do the work that they need to do.

We have about 170 miles, I think, of fiber that we oversee.

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