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(WSVN) – Wearing a mask is a way of life for many these days.

Thanks to a South Florida designer, masks are getting a fashionable upgrade.

From medical masks to bandanas, masks protect you and protect others.

Now you can add a little fashion to your face.

Check out the creative designs from Kikimora Fashion.

Olga Saretsky, Kikimora Fashion: “I like to create shapes, flowers, and roses are one of my favorite things to do.”

Kikimora is known for their wild costumes, but when they heard of the mask shortage, they got to work.

Olga Saretsky: “Yes, coronavirus changed a lot. I got information that first responders had a big shortage of masks, so we started to produce for donation to the hospitals. Then the creativity kicks in and start making masks more elaborate.”

Olga Saretsky: “One of my proud designs are the elf ears that I came up with spontaneously. You basically put it around your ears, and there’s an extension that you can move in different directions and make different modes.”

Star Wars fans will like one in particular.

Olga Saretsky: “It’s basically same design but in the green looks like Yoda.”

Express yourself with some flower power.

Olga Saretsky: ”The rose is the first that came out, I feel that beauty has to be on your nose.”

There’s a mask for every occasion, as they’re fashionable and functional.

Olga Saretsky: “We actually have a HEPA filter with the five layers that goes inside the mask. That’s what separates us from other sellers: that we have a filter.”

The masks are available on Kikimora’s Etsy store.

They range in price from $25 to $79.

Olga Saretsky: “I want you guys to be protected. I want to be protected myself, and I want that to be done with beauty. I believe that beauty will save the world.”

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