Jonjo Shelvey determined to complete Premier League campaign

Newcastle midfielder Jonjo Shelvey has expressed his determination to complete the Premier League campaign and avoid the impact of next season getting pushed back.

Shelvey, 28, accepts there are risks with returning during the coronavirus pandemic but wants a swift decision so next season can start on time, amid fears a delay of the 2020/21 might have catastrophic consequences.  

“I’ve got no problem going back and playing behind closed doors, you just want to get it boxed off and done,” said Newcastle midfielder Jonjo Shelvey on the Beautiful Game podcast. “I know there is so much risk but if everything is done right I don’t see why not.  

“I just feel because of next season (being delayed) it’s going to get to a time where it is now or never. You have to make a decision soon. You cannot keep batting it off, batting it off and batting it off.” 

Sergio Aguero has been among the players who have expressed fears over returning to action when there is risk of infection and passing on Covid-19 to family members.

Club representatives also discussed risk to black and minority ethnic players when they met on Wednesday, with the Office for National Statistics stating black men and women are nearly twice as likely to die with Covid-19 as white people. Shelvey says he will accept any decision but it should be made quickly. 

“I understand the experts are saying that you shouldn’t think about football but for me I’d play at Wanstead Flats to finish.”   

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