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I want to draw your attention to illegal mining activities going on the Ghaghar, which are likely to cause extensive damage to the environment and flora and fauna in the area. The area falls under the responsibility of Mohali and Panchkula districts. The administration should pay attention to the issue as once the environment is damaged, it can’t be reversed easily. —Anonymous

Kaithal Tehsil office lacks basic facilities

Alarge number of people who come to the Kaithal Tehsil office face inconvenience as it lacks basic facilities. A broken bench installed at the office is found supported with bricks on one side. The office has a single air conditioner, for a large waiting room, that barely serves the purpose. The administration must look into the issue immediately and get the needful done. —Satish Seth, Kaithal

Road leading to ku gate no. 3 in bad shape

THE road from Pipli to Gate No. 3 of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, has been in a bad shape since past two years. Fancy light installation seems to be a mockery on the road. One can imagine the situation of countryside areas when a city like Kurukshetra is having such a condition. —Dinesh Rana, Kurukshetra

Waterlogged road causes inconvenience

THE main road that passes from the old court road to the SD College and merges with the Tohana Road passing through residential areas in the town is submerged in 3-4 feet rainwater, since more than a month. One can imagine the plight of the people who are left with no option but to use the road anyhow. The administration is paying no heed to the problem being faced by the commuters. It should look into the matter immediately and get the needful done. —Ramesh Gupta, Narwana

Sanitisers harm gadgets

DURING the ongoing pandemic, people are recklessly using sanitisers. Experts had even suggested people to avoid using sanitisers and rather wash their hands with soap. After certain studies regarding the spread of contagion through the surface of mobile phone and other gadgets were published, people now are spraying sanitisers on their gadgets without thinking of harmful effects on them. The companies manufacturing these should take the responsibility of making people aware of its use. There are other such products in the market used for cleaning various electronic appliancescan be used for disinfecting gadgets too. Gian P Kansal, ambala

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