Huawei is preparing to add a smartwatch to its Mate line of devices

Huawei has registered a trademark application for “Mate Watch”. This looks to be a further extension of its phones and other products under the Mate moniker.

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The first smartphone in the Mate series was announced back in 2013. Since then there’ve been almost a dozen more smartphones released in this line, along with Mate-branded computers and tablets. Huawei is now preparing to broaden the range even more.

The Chinese outfit has registered a trademark at the start of May for something called “Huawei Mate Watch”. It was filed with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).  You can see below a screenshot of the application that goes under the number 46028164b. This is in addition to registering “Mate Pod” earlier this year, which is rumoured to be the name for its headphones or possible a smart speakers series.

huawei preparing to add a smartwatch to its mate line - Huawei is preparing to add a smartwatch to its Mate line of devices
Image source: Twitter handle TheTechGuy

Huawei’s current line of smartwatches consists of the Watch and Watch GT series. The most recent addition here is Watch GT 2e. It was launched alongside the company’s new flagship series, the P40, in March. The specs are largely similar to last October’s Watch GT 2. The main difference is the sporty look and inclusion of a blood oxygen monitoring feature.

Since then the company has released a software refresh which enabled the SpO2 function on Watch GT2, as well as Band 4. This confirms that last year’s wearables already had the necessary hardware, it was just a matter of activating it.

Does the trademark mean Huawei is preparing to move away from the GT line? Perhaps. Unfortunately, apart from the name nothing else is known about Mate Watch.

As far as a possible launch date, its anyone’s guess. It’s possible the smartwatch could be unveiled at the launch of the Mate 40 series. This is likely to occur in September or October of 2020. Hopefully we’ll have some more details on the upcoming watch before then.

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