How to avoid getting prickly rashes during heat season

With the harmattan season going away slowly, Nigerians are about to be faced with the heatwave before the rainy season begins.

It usually occurs when excessive heat causes sweat and the pores to be blocked.

Here are some ways to avoid heat rashes:

This is the first and most important way to cool your home. If you cannot get an air conditioner, a rechargeable fan is a decent substitute.

You need to stay away from oily moisturisers like petroleum jelly. These can block your pores. You need lotion or a more water-based moisturiser.

Have your bath as many times as you can with a non-drying soap. A good example of a non-drying soap is African black soap or dove unscented soap.

Chilling in a swimming pool is also a good way to cool down but be wary of dirty public pools.

You can use ice bags wrapped in towels to cool your skin when the weather gets really hot and you need to be cooled.

Choose fabrics like linen and cotton when the weather is hot. There is no point wearing a suit under the hot sun. You could simply just remove it when walking under the sun.

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