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Al: We were given some details on Bob and his family, but not on his income. For the purposes of illustration, I’m going to use a household income of $150,000 per year for Bob. I want to compare how much he would pay monthly through Covered California with a subsidy that is totally based on income.

Living in Orange County, 92630, family of six with a household income of $150,000 Bob is eligible for a monthly subsidy of $765.69.

Unfortunately, the least expensive plan available is $894.16 per month with the subsidy in place.

By the way, this plan, not available here, is called the OSCAR health plan. And, yes, if someone with a family of six went directly to the plan, they would pay $1,659.85 each month.

The next cheapest plan is the Health Net Bronze 60 at $1,202.58 per month (even with the subsidy of $765.69!).

Finally, the first PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) is the Health Net Bronze at $1,240.01 per month. Clearly, Bob is saving a lot of money in health premiums.

Tom: I went to the Samaritan Ministries to run a current quote for Bob.

They wanted too much information, so I switched to OneShare.

As before, there were three different plans: Catastrophic at $305 per month; Basic at $595 per month; and Crown at $703 per month.

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