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REMINDER: With the ongoing rollout of the COVID-19 vaccinations, remember, the COVID-19 vaccine will be paid for through funding authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act/CARES. When patients are registering for the vaccine, they are asked to bring their insurance card with their insurance billed for the administrating/giving of the vaccine. Under the CARES Act, the administration charge will be paid for by the insurance plan. There is no out-of-network penalty if the patient goes to an out-of-network provider to receive the vaccination. “Providers are prohibited by agreement with the U.S. Government from billing patients for the vaccine or its administration, including balance billing.” If you don’t have insurance, ask about assistance through special funding in the CARES Act under HRSA. (Hint: when in doubt, ask the health care provider when getting your vaccine. No surprises.)

UPDATE: The “Medicare 101, Social Security Benefits and Assistance for Senior Boot Camp” has been delayed until the third quarter of 2021. Our community outreach education will resume when it is safe for all of us. All the fun related topics will be included and open to all ages. See you in mid-2021!

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