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If you’ve been looking for a health insurance provider that puts you first, a not-for-profit may be just what the doctor ordered. Dedicated to putting the health and wellbeing of its members and communities first, GMHBA is one such not-for-profit health insurance and care company, redefining what it means to take out health cover, one innovative incentive at a time.

Unique to many other Australian providers, GMHBA’s philanthropic model allows them to make every decision with their members in mind, a philosophy that is reflected in their commitment to connecting members with not only hospital cover and extras, but also access to programs that reward members for staying healthy. For many, committing to private health insurance may be daunting, but with GMHBA the investment is worth it.

Private health insurance allows you greater choice in your health care around when and where you are treated, and who treats you.

Even so, not all private health insurance is created equal, and doing your homework is important. To help get you started, here’s a summary of what you can expect to enjoy when GMHBA has you covered.

Access AIA Vitality and get rewarded for healthy behaviours

Being healthy is sometimes hard when you go it alone. That’s why GMHBA has partnered with AIA Vitality to bring its members a science-backed program designed to improve your health, all the while rewarding you on your journey towards greater wellbeing.

So, how does it work? In a nutshell, AIA Vitality is a personalised, science-backed health and wellbeing program that rewards you for healthy behaviours. As a GMHBA member you can earn AIA Vitality points by completing various health assessments and by doing healthy activities.

AIA Vitality rewards for GMHBA members include up to $500 of shopping vouchers, up to 50 per cent cash back on eligible Virgin Australia flights, and discounts on selected gym memberships.

Get the most from your optical benefits

Healthy eyes are essential to your overall well being, which is why GMHBA is dedicated to looking after, enhancing and protecting yours via optical benefits from optometry retailers around the country.

Also, a local GMHBA Eye Care optometrist can help you look after the health of your eyes through eye health and vision tests, and the management of eye related diseases. The best part? GMHBA Eye Care also offer a great range of lenses and fashionable frames to suit your lifestyle, featuring brands you know and love such as Gucci, Oroton and Ray Bans.

Get more affordable dental care

When you find a provider who has partnered with smile.com.au to make dental care more affordable and accessible for Australians, you know you’re onto a winner. GMHBA have done just that to ensure they’re delivering optimal dental benefits.

Better yet, at GMHBA Dental Care both members and customers can gain access to tailored care that supports their family’s dental needs. Favouring a personalised, gentle approach, GMHBA Dental Care focuses on prevention, with a commitment to educating patients on ways to improve their oral health.

Empower yourself with physio from the comfort of your home

You shouldn’t have to travel far and wide to find a good physio, which is why GMHBA grants you access to physiotherapy from the comfort of your home. The provider’s partnership with Kieser Australia has enabled many of their members to access the physiotherapy care they’ve needed during the pandemic thanks to Kieser’s unique telehealth-a video-based version of physiotherapy. Basically, no matter where GMHBA members are, Kieser clinicians are able to provide thorough assessments, treatments and exercise prescriptions via an online video service.

Want private health insurance but don’t know where to start? GMHBA can help. As a provider that lives and breathes their philosophy, GMHBA truly believes that together we are stronger and healthier. Which is why they’re committed to guiding you on your journey to health with the benefits you need.

To find the best health insurance for you, visit www.gmhba.com.au

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