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 Magnus Eze, Enugu

The Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development (SCDDD) has assured President Muhammadu Buhari and indeed Nigerians that the new Chief of Staff to the President, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, would not disappoint them.

The Centre said the appointment of the renowned diplomat would rather be a great boost to national reconciliation, cohesion and nation-building. Gambari before his latest job was Chairman and founder of the SCDDD. 

Executive Director, Savannah Centre, Ambassador Abdullahi Omaki, expressed the optimism that the new Chief of Staff would be an effective-gatekeeper in contributing to the success of the Next Level agenda of the Buhari administration.

He thanked the President for the profound honour done to the person of Gambari, his Centre, the people of his home state, Kwara, and all other Nigerians at home and abroad. 

According to him, by the estimation of Savannah Centre, it was a very well-deserved appointment, not because he is one of them and mentor, but because he is an exceptional Nigerian, who has creditably distinguished himself in Nigeria, Africa, and the world through the United Nations where he served as Under-Secretary-General of the world body for about 13 years.

Part of the SCDDD statement reads: “As an experienced public officer of Professor Gambari’s stature, both at home and abroad, and his vision for Nigeria and Africa, which inspired the establishment of Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development (SCDDD), we at the Centre feel that Nigeria is indeed in very good hands with him as the Chief of Staff. 

“The imperative for National Elites Consensus is now most urgent. Nigerians across the Federation and in the Diaspora must work concertedly with one another, to promote common grounds, on which the survival of our great nation depends. The surest way of attaining this is through ensuring that Nigerians, especially her elites, commence talking with each other and not at each other, with the hope of rapidly promoting national unity. 

“This is most imperative, as this will provide the necessary platform for strengthening Nigeria’s cohesion for development and growth where fairness and justice, are pre-requisites.  It is not impossible to achieve these tasks, complex as they certainly are. The time ahead is so little and so much needs to be accomplished. And it is the expectation of Savannah Centre, therefore, that with this appointment, President Buhari will be vastly assisted to make these landmark achievements during his tenure.

“We wish to acknowledge with respect, the numerous messages from our compatriots across the country, and our international partners, who conveyed their felicitations to Professor Gambari on his appointment, through the Savannah Centre platform”. 

He further stated that the SCDDD will in spite of the temporary “loss” initiator for higher national duties, remain committed to playing creative and responsible roles in the strides for Nigeria’s nation-building efforts. 

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