Fortnite Update 12.61: Storm The Agency Challenges, Drake’s Tootsie Slide Emote

Fortnite’s new Update 12.61 is out now, and as usual, there are no official patch notes to share from developer Epic Games. According to some voices in the community, including reliable leaker Lucas7Yoshi, the patch adds a smattering of new collectibles, including an emote for the Tootsie Slide, the dance that accompanies rapper/crooner Drake’s number 1 hit of the same name. New offers also include a new Cyclo skin and the Windshear item, which are both apparently related to the upcoming Doomsday event. Note that these items are not yet live on the item shop and could be subject to change.

In terms of new content, the patch introduces Storm the Agency challenges, which will let players unlock some new items, including a free pickaxe, wrap, and glider, which you can see in the images below. The challenges themselves are fairly straightforward, and involve tracking down safe houses and spy bases. Additionally, it includes a few small hints regarding the game’s next big event, including a loading screen that depicts Midas looking at the Cyclo armor, along with a mysterious figure. See the full list of Storm the Agency challenges from the official Fortnite blog, as well as images of the new loading screen and more, below.

Fortnite Storm The Agency Challenges

  • Land at The Agency.
  • Survive 10 Storm Circles.
  • Open a faction-locked Chest at three different Spy Bases.
  • Swim over five hatches at The Agency.
  • Eliminate a Henchman at three different Safe Houses.

We have a full guide on eliminating henchmen at safe houses if you need tips on completing that particular challenge.

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The patch also fixes a number of small bugs. Based on the game’s official Trello board, it addresses performance issues experienced by iOS users, numbers not changing on sports-themed outfits, and players being unable to refund the Dragacorn Glider. Some players are reporting that they still can’t refund the Dragacorn Glider, and Epic is investigating.

Season 2 of Fortnite’s current Chapter 2 is scheduled to end on June 4, and 12.61 is expected to be the last patch for the game until then. Leaked files seem to suggest that Season 3 will focus on underwater content. There’s no word on when Season 3 will start, but based on previous behavior, it’ll probably come on June 4, if not shortly after. Recently, Epic partnered with OnePlus to get Fortnite running a 90 frames per second on their phones, which is better than consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

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