Fayrouz recognizes Usman Shagari, Adama Indimi, Sani Danja, DJ Abba, Deezell and other Northern influencers this Ramadan » YNaija

The month of Ramadan is special for many reasons, principal among which is the fact that it is pivotal to Muslim faithfuls as a core pillar of their religious tradition. More than that it is recognized worldwide even among the faithful of other religions as the month of sharing that transcends religious and doctrinal differences. Nigeria’s premium soft drink, Fayrouz, understands this and celebrates the month of abundance with specially crafted gift boxes from the brand to outstanding Northern influencers.

In the true spirit of the season, fayrouz gifted Muslim influencers with personalized gift boxes and plenty of fayrouz to keep them refreshed and hydrated as they partake of the annual spiritual exercise of fasting and connection to their maker.

The gift boxes contained premium items needed for drinking occasions – branded glass cups, fabric coasters, fayrouz mixer recipes for both its pineapple and citrus5 flavours, plenty of fayrouz and a personalized letter celebrating them for finding their difference.

Fayrouz, the premium soft drink with its unique taste and natural ingredients, is celebrating individuals who have identified their point of difference and are generously sharing it with the world. The brand shared some fayrouz-infused mixer recipes to ensure that each influencer has a revivifying and refreshing Ramadan experience.

The brand recognizes what these unique individuals have been doing in maintaining the spirit of Ramadan year round by giving of their talent every day.

Additionally, the month being a time for introspection, the brand hopes more people will use the time afforded to tap into their sense of uniqueness and quench their thirst for excitement and innovation by finding their difference, capitalizing on it, and sharing it with the world.

Fayrouz is sharing more gift boxes with a few lucky winners. Follow @fayrouznigeria on all social media platforms for more details.

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