Fashion Forward Tuesday With K Lanes: COVID Friendly Accessories

When shopping at K Lanes you’re guaranteed to find clothes that you compliments…these days, they have also added masks that will get you compliments (and keep you safe) as well. Tawnya shared with us today the different COIVD friendly accessories they have to first and foremost keep you safe but also to bring some convenience with wearing our masks daily and of course the increased need for hand sanitizer. Many different masks are offered at K Lanes, some are neutral and can go with many different outfits, others are coordinating to certain blouses and dress that are sold at K Lanes and others have filters, some even some sparkles! Lets be honest, we have all ran out of the house or even left the car to run into the grocery store and forgotten our masks right? Well Tawnya has a solution – one of the beautiful chains has room for the mask to be secured and this way it will never leave you! It can just hang around your neck and be that much easier for you to wear/take off and wear again. Also they have the cutest and snarkiest hand sanitizer for you purse! It is easy to use and take up next to no space in your bag, plus it makes you laugh when you read the label. All of these COVD friendly accessories can be found on their website social pages or in store. Also if you are interested in shipping prior to business hours please reach out! They are happy to accommodate! www.k-lanes.com @shopklanes

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