FASHION FORWARD: Some shoppers still looking for back-to-school clothing, awaiting tax-free weekend | News

Even though plans for returning to school are changing each day, local stores are already seeing shoppers out looking for back-to-school fashions.

Many shop managers are also preparing for Oklahoma’s tax-free weekend, Aug. 7-9.

“People are out and about for sure,” said June Ludwig, owner of Junie’s Closet. “Junie’s is buying masks for adults and kids, and comfort clothing for school and work.”

While some area residents may still be hesitant to go clothing shopping during a pandemic, several stores are helping by offering curbside pickup and online ordering. Ludwig is requiring customers to wear masks in her shop, and lets people call to have items shipped or to pick them up outside the store.

At Factory Connection, Manager Angela Higgins said the fitting rooms are open and employees sanitize them after each customer.

Both Higgins and Ludwig said a hot print right now is tie-dye, but many others are also on the racks, including various florals and animal prints, such as leopard and snakeskin.

“Stripes are back, and they are mixing them with other patterns,” said Higgins. “Camo prints are always big. We have it in T-shirts and jeans.”

She is a fan of the Cello Jeans.

“That’s a popular brand. It’s like wearing yoga pants; they’re very comfy and stretchy,” said Higgins, who said the trend is moving away from skinny jeans. “They’re still popular, but they’re moving to the bells and flares. Flared sleeves are a trend coming back, too.”

One-piece fashions – such as rompers, jumpsuits, and bodysuits – have also made a comeback.

Higgins said a lot of ladies are looking for summer dresses, and Amy Carter at Vivid Salon and Boutique must agree as she has a variety of them in store and online.

“We are so excited that T-shirt dresses with pockets are in,” said Carter.

The soft dresses come in a variety of plain colors and three styles: short sleeved, tank top, and spaghetti strap.

Tiered skirts are another alternative to dress-up a look, according to Carter.

Graphic T-shirts are still a popular way to express oneself while being comfortable.

At Junie’s, Ludwig said Z Supply tops – short and long sleeves – always fly out the door.

For the guys, Higgins said the Straight Up Southern brand of T-shirts are a top seller, and that cargo shorts, which are longer and have a lot of pockets, are still popular.

Another blast from the past that has stolen the scene again are Converse and Vans shoes. Drew Felts, of Felts Family Shoes, said Vans are popular with all ages. He said he sells a lot of slip-on shoes, and people buy mostly Nike, New Balance, Skechers, and Under Armour tennis shoes.

He’s looking forward to the sales tax holiday because Felts will be open on Sunday, as well.

“It’s an extra day for those who can’t make it Friday or Saturday,” said Felts.

Other hot accessories to round out an outfit include long necklaces, headbands, and earrings with some sparkle or fringe, according to Higgins.

“I sell a lot of jewelry,” said Carter. “The LaaLee necklaces and earrings with colored gemstones are perfect for all back-to-school outfits.”

While they may not be popular for good reasons, face masks are on people’s shopping lists.

“A lot of people are buying masks in a variety of colors,” said Danya Pigeon of Lila’s Loft. “They want masks to match their outfits. It’s kind of become a fashion statement.”

She said she stocks homemade masks and a brand that has a T-shirt feel to it.

“They’re more comfortable and breathable,” said Pigeon. “We have them in kids’ sizes so they are good for wearing them a long time at school.”

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