ESU Office of International Education fielding increase in calls after ICE says international students will have to leave USA if universities use online-only education

Emporia State University is tracking developments at the federal level when it comes to international students and online education.

Earlier this month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said international students will have to leave the country or be deported if their colleges or universities go to online-only education this fall due to COVID-19. ESU is planning to start the year with the traditional in-class education and a hybrid model, but Dean of International Education General Administration Mark Daly says students and their parents are concerned about what’s taking place in the United States.

The ICE statement hasn’t officially been approved yet, but Daly says his department has fielded a lot of questions from concerned parents wondering if their students should just stay home until the situation eases. So far, just a handful of students have decided against coming to campus.

Emporia State has put a strong emphasis on its international population for years, and currently ESU has students from over 45 countries enrolled with the majority from East Asia, notably China. Other recruiting hotspots are South Asia, Europe and South America. Around 20 percent of the university’s official enrollment of 5,800 comes from overseas.

Besides starting the year with traditional and hybrid education models in place, ESU will have all visitors wear masks in campus buildings alongside students, faculty, administrators and other staff. More information about the university’s education plans relating to COVID-19 are online at www.emporia.edu

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