EA Sports UFC 4 Reveals Fighter Stats And Details New Star Rating System

While EA Sports has already shown off some gameplay from UFC 4, they haven’t yet gone over the game’s fighter roster, nor have they detailed how fighter ratings and stats will work in their upcoming release.

The developers behind EA Sports UFC 4 are going to slowly release the list of the game’s top 50 fighters, as they revealed fighters 50-41 on Monday. You can check out the list below, and it’s worth noting that male and female fighters are grouped in the same list.

  • 41 – Leon Edwards – male welterweight – 4.5 stars overall
  • 42 – Rafael Dos Anjos – male welterweight – 4.5 stars overall
  • 43 – Ronda Rousey – female bantamweight – 4 stars overall
  • 44 – Dustin Poirier – male lightweight – 4 stars overall
  • 45 – Tatiana Suarez – female strawweight – 4 stars overall
  • 46 – Cody Garbrandt – male bantamweight – 4 stars overall
  • 47 – Dominick Reyes – male light heavyweight – 4 stars overall
  • 48 – Anthony Johnson – male light heavyweight – 4 stars overall
  • 49 – Paulo Costa – male middleweight – 4 stars overall
  • 50 – Darren Till – male middleweight – 4 stars overall

In the previous three UFC games, fighters’ overall ratings were similar to those in EA’s Madden NFL series, with each fighter having numbered ratings. But, for UFC 4, EA is switching to a star rating system, which is detailed in the quote below.

“In addition to the overall star rating, each fighter will also have a star rating for their stand up, ground game, health, and moves. This change will allow players to quickly observe and determine a fighter’s strengths and weaknesses in specific areas, without focusing on a single numerical OVR. This allows for a better assortment of fighters when playing online or against friends on the couch. For returning users and advanced players, you can examine a fighter’s individual attribute values as numbers. This will help you determine who has the highest punch power or highest kick speed in each division and allow comparisons of individual attributes on each fighter.”

  • Punch and Kick Speed – punches and kicks are split in terms of speed
  • Punch and Kick Power – punches and kicks are split in terms of damage
  • Cardio – replaces strike stamina and ground stamina
  • Recovery – replaces heart and toughness

On top of the new star rating system, another new feature in EA Sports UFC 4 is called “Top 5 Moves,” as each playable fighter will have their own, unique set of top 5 moves, which are viewable while selecting a fighter.

As of right now, EA Sports says they aren’t planning on releasing UFC 4 on next-gen consoles, but the game will come to current-gen consoles in just a few weeks, as it’ll launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 14.

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