Coronavirus pandemic: Are faceprint face masks the latest fashion accessory? – fashion and trends

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the most innovative side of people and has turned the unassuming facemask with its one-dimensional protective purpose into a fashion accessory and a must-have. The face mask is no longer just a safety accessory but is being used by people as a fashion statement. Be it designer face masks, embellished coverings, brightly coloured or pieces of art, the humble facemask has assumed all shapes and forms. And the latest trend that seems to have made its way to Indian shores is the face print face mask. The mask has a print or photograph of the person wearing it, which makes it easier for people to recognize them and also adds a personalised, customised touch to the essential hygienic accessory. The trend started in several cities around the world before making it’s way to a few photo studios in Chennai’s Pallavaram.

The mask is printed with the person’s face from nose to chin, which makes it easy to recognise despite wearing the mask. One such photo studio owner is Anto, who runs a photo studio in Pallavaram, and was very disappointed when during the Covid lockdown the number of customers in his store started to dwindle and business went south. When after the lockdown was lifted customers did start to come to the store they couldn’t recognise him and Anto couldn’t recognise them, which gave him the idea of making face-printed facemasks. In an interaction with DTNext Anto said, “Our business has been completely down due to the lockdown for the past two months. Now we have opened the studio again to sell personalised masks. The thought of helping people and how trendy the idea is exciting.”

The studio owner went on to add that if people did not wish to come in themselves they could mail their photos to the studio and Anto’s team would make three washable facemasks made from cotton for Rs 500. He added, “The public can also visit the studio and take fresh photos and masks will be ready in an hour.” Reports also stated that a few doctors and nurses are also opting these trendy masks and have placed the orders.

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