Commando Founder Kerry O’Brien On Business & COVID-19

Commando’s faux-leather leggings aren’t just one of the brand’s top-selling styles, they’re the physical embodiment of O’Brien’s professional creed: “Only wear things that make you feel truly happy and special and comfortable and confident,” she says. O’Brien often reiterates those three words — happy, special, confident — when talking about her customers and her company, which has been built upon the foundational understanding that women don’t just want more, they deserve more. That means top-quality, sustainable fabrics sourced from Europe and cut here in the U.S., designs that are fiercely functional, and a range of comfortable intimates, casual wear, and hosiery made to feel “better than nothing,” as Commando’s tagline goes. And considering O’Brien is actually able to be a litmus test for her own designs, it’s not surprising that her realness resonated with shoppers almost immediately. Commando offers an unparalleled degree of authenticity, establishing itself as a brand that is made for women, by women since 2003 with almost 90% of its current employees, from the headquarters in Burlington, Vermont to distribution warehouses across the country, being female.

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