Churches should remain closed for now — Sam Adeyemi –

The Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, has advocated that churches in Nigeria and elsewhere around the world should remain closed while the Coronavirus Disease pandemic lasts.

Dr. Adeyemi took this position on Tuesday on an Instagram live interview with BBC Yoruba News amid clamour by some pastors and Islamic clerics for the resumption of congregational prayers by churches and mosques.

The Federal Government and some State Governments had placed a ban on religious gathering in Nigeria as the virus spread around Nigeria, with some clerics kicking against the order.

Speaking in the interview conducted in Yoruba, Adeyemi said it was better to obey the order of the government than to regret the action.

He cited the example of a church in South Korea where a woman had travelled to China and returned to her home country and church, infecting so many others as she kept moving around.

The woman, after she took ill, also did not seek medical assistance but was attending several church services for healing.

Adeyemi added: “Within weeks, about 80 per cent of those in the country that had it were from the church.

“The leader of the church came on public TV to apologise.

“Try to imagine the number of those who attend Daystar.

“If someone who has it comes, and does not know, a lot of damage will be done.

“As government said, let us be patient.

“Some have argued that we should observe the social distancing directive within the church.

“Small churches can do it.

“Daystar can’t.

“If it does, the church will perhaps take only one-fifth based on the sitting arrangement.

“So how many services will we do?

“We are running five now.

“And most important for now: no medicine.

“Even the infection that has cure, is it a must we must go and get infected and then start curing it?

“So for now, it is better to run.”

Adeyemi pleaded with Nigerians for patience as it concerns religious gathering, saying it will only take a while before life returns to normal.

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